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Vegetable Cube Cutting Machine for Sale

  • MOQ:1
  • Certification:CE
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
This Vegetable Cube Cutting Machine is used to cut fruit and stem/root vegetable into dice shape,such as radish,carrot,potato,pineapple,sweet potato,onion,green pepper,mango,apple,ham,pawpaw,kiwi fruit etc.The cubes have very good shape,the cube surface is smooth.The cutting size can be adjusted by installing different kinds of blade.The size range is 3-20mm.One set of dicing machine just have one blade.If you want to cut another size,please tell us and we will match the suitable blade for you!
This machine is made of stainless steel 304,corrosion resistance,and there is the microswitch beside the feeding hopper,which is very safe and easy to operate.The kind of dicing machine have high speed,the Max. capacity can reach 800kg/h.Also,if the raw material is different,the capacity is also different.
High performance cost ratio,save both labour,money and time,one machine can equal to 25 manpower.So this machine is high efficient. Fully adapt to central kitchen,machining centre,fruit and vegetable processing factory...Even in humid environment,the machine won’t be rust,increase life time.
1.This machine have advanced design,easy to operation,low energy consumption,high efficiency,with stainless steel 304 and aluminium alloy materials,corrosion protection,beautiful,conform to the hygiene standards!
2.The machine adopted complex cutting tool,a molding,switching rules,cut surface is smooth,high molding rate,favored by foreign trade export unit.
3.Application:food factory,clean vegetables processing,major distribution companies,university logistics,group dinner,catering chain-like,central kitchen, enterprises canteen.
4.High cutting speed,this dicing machine is the industry leader for frozen fruit and vegetable.
5.Through a simple modification can cut the fruit and vegetable into filaments and strips.Three-dimensional cutting shape is less,the blade which imitated Japanese original machine can be interchangeabled.
6.The cutting size can be adjusted by changing the blades to meet different requirements of customers.

Leave message if you need quotation. There are also fruit and vegetable washing machine for your choice.

Technical Data
Model GG-2A
Dimension 760*1000*1280mm
Material 304Stainless Steel
Voltage 380v
Cutting Size 3-20mm
Weight 100kg
Capacity 500-800kg/h

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