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Moringa Leaf Dryer Machine Dehydration Of Moringa Leaves

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Moringa leaves processing

Dehydrated moringa leaf great need in our daily life. The washed Moringa leaves will be dehydrated to get dried Moringa leaves. Thus, the next step of Moringa leaf processing can be carried out.
For Moringa leaf processing machine, we provide complete Moringa leaf washing machine, Moringa leaf air-drying equipment, moringa dryer machine, Moringa leaf powder grinding machinet, Moringa leaf powder packaging machine, etc.
moringa leaves processing
Moringa leaf dryer machine introduction:
Moringa leaf drying machine uses hot air circulation for drying. moringa leaf dryer machine can achieve the detection and comparison of temperature and humidity during the entire drying process with the target temperature and humidity, and also realize the automatic start of the dehumidification system to achieve stable control of the temperature and humidity of the dryer machine.
Our batches of moringa leaf drying machine have different yields that can be provided to customers. There are small-volume single-door bicycles and large-volume four-door eight-bikes. There are also continuous drying equipment to provide customers.
Moringa leaf drying machine is multifunctional. In addition to Moringa leaf, it can also process herbs, garlic slices, ginger slices, onions, peppers and other vegetables and fruits.

Features of drying machine for moringa:

1 High efficiency of drying heat energy: hot air circulates in the box, with high thermal efficiency and energy saving.
2 Uniform drying effect: Using forced ventilation, the moringa leaf drying machine is equipped with an adjustable air distribution plate, so that the moringa leaves are dried evenly.
3 Low noise during drying: precise matching of fans, low noise and balanced operation.
4 Automatic temperature control: The drying temperature of the material is automatically controlled, and the dried Moringa leaves are of high quality.
5 The moringa leaf drying machine has a wide range of applications: moringa dryer machine can dry various materials and is a multi-functional drying equipment.
6 High performance-price ratio: beautiful and compact design, small footprint, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance. Can help customers save money.

Moringa leaves drying temperature:

The drying temperature of Moringa leaves is 40°C.
When processing Moringa leaves, we need to clean the Moringa leaves. The washed Moringa leaves are placed on the tray of the moringa leaf dryer machine and placed evenly. Adjust the drying temperature of Moringa oleifera leaves to 40°C. Dried until the moisture content of Moringa leaves is 8%.

The effect of drying technology on the nutrients of Moringa oleifera leaves:

Drying the Moringa leaves can cause the Moringa leaves to lose water, so that the Moringa leaves can be milled. After drying, the nutrients of Moringa leaves will be destroyed to a certain extent. But the drying machine is a very popular equipment in the Moringa leaf processing process. On the basis of being able to meet the drying needs of customers, we provide preferential prices for drying equipment.
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