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Colloid Mill Machine

  • MOQ:1 set
  • Certification:CE
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
Application :
1 Food Industry:chocolate, soy sauce, jam, peanut butter, butter and beverage
2Chemical Industry: :paints, lubricating oil, spices, dyes, emulsified asphalt, emulsified rubber, 
catalyst, paint coating 
3Pharmaceutical  Industry:cod liver oil, athlete cream, bee honey, pollen etc.
4Daily Chemical Industry:shoe polish, toothpaste, cosmetics, balsam, soap, and detergent, etc
5Other Industry building industry:paper industry, plastic industry, battery industry, etc.
1.Colloid mill products is for fine processing of mechanical fluid materials.
2.It combines homogeneous machine, ball mill, three rollers machine, shearing machine, mixer, etc a variety of mechanical performance.
3.With superior superfine grinding, dispersion emulsion, homogeneous, mixing effect and so on.
4.Material after processing, particle size of 2 ~ 50 microns, homogeneous degree of more than 90%, is the ideal equipment of fine powder processing.
1.Colloid mill is the basic working principle of shearing, grinding and high-speed mixing effect.
2.Two grinding on the tooth surface of relative movement, the base of a high-speed rotation, another still, make the material through the tooth face between great shearing force and friction force.
3.At the same time, in the high frequency vibration, high speed spiral complex force under the action of making materials such as effective dispersion, floating, crushing, homogeneous.

Technical Data
Model GGB-50 GGB-80 GGB-110 GGB-130 GGB-180 GGB-240 GGB-300
Output size
50-100 50-100 100-200 100-200 100-200 100-200 60-200
Capacity(kg/h) 7-8 70-100 300 400-600 800-1000 1500-2000 3000-4000
4(380V/220V) 7.5 15 18.5 45 75
50 150 175 285 340 1300 1600

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