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Passion Fruit Juice Machine|Passion Flower Juice Machine|Passionfruit Pulping Machine

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  • Country Of Origin:China
The passion fruit juice machine is used to get passion juice. At the same time,the passion fruit juice machine can make the passion fruit pulp, seeds can be separated in order to get pure passion fruit juice.
 According the feature of passion fruit,the juice machine is special designed for passion fruit juice combine with advanced technology.
If using the passion  fruit juice machine,we don’t need to sort passion fruit for their size and we have high extraction juice rate.
working principle:
The passion fruit juice machine consists of a hopper, crusher, separator tube, sub-seed tube, transmission, chassis and other components. When start working,the passion fruit first passes through the crusher, and then into the separator tube to separate skin, juice. Pulp and seeds into the seed sub-cylinder, and then the separate the juice,pulp and seeds. So that we can achieve the purpose of separation of three things and get pure passion fruit juice.

Capacity :1 T/H, 5 T/H

passion extractor machine work video: click here :passion fruit juice video.

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passion fruit juice machine| passion fruit pulping machine
Technical Data
Model GG-1 GG-5
Power 2.2kw 4.0kw
Capacity 1T/H 5T/H
Dimension 1900*670*1695mm 2500*1000*1800mm

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