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Cooked Meat Slicer Machine|Meat Cutting Machine

  • MOQ:1 set
  • Certification:CE
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
1.The cooked meat slicer cutting machine adopts special design and blades.Used for cutting cooked meat into pieces or strips.
2.Can cut barbecued pork, assorted spiced meat, pig skin, pig ears, cattle stomach and intestine.
3.Suit for fast food industry, large scale canteen and food processing industry.
4.also can cut variety of the vegetables and fruits, such as green pepper, lotus root, green Chinese onion, potato, cucumber, coriander, ginger, etc. special blade by the curved blade, hardened stainless steel manufacturing. Roast pork, spiced beef, bath chap, pork bellies, tripe, bowel and so on can be cut into sheets ,strips, length and thickness is adjustable.
5.High production, simple operation, easy to clean, suitable for food processing plants, the fast food industry, the dining hall,etc.
6.Conveyor belt rotating knife speed is controlled by frequency converter, independent control.
7.The belt is removed freely and the clean is very convenient.
8.Unique appearance design, beautiful and microcomputer control.
1.The machine is very energy-saving and high efficiency in the process of the operation, which can be saving time and protect the machine.
2.Made of the stainless, durable, easy to maintain. clean and durable.
3. high cutting precision, stable work, mobile and flexible.
4. The shop device is set, make the machine safe and save the energy.
5.Conveyor belt rotating knife speed is controlled by frequency converter, independent control.
6. Special cutter head, sharp and durable.
7. High strength castor is set, moved easily. 
8. Wear-resisting , environmental belt , good quality stainless material.
9.electric box sealed waterproof deign, setting waterproof switch.
Technical Data
Model GG-304A(Frequency Control) GG-304
Capacity 500-800kg/h 500-800kg/h
Voltage 220v, 1 phase 220v, 1 phase
Power 1+1/2HP 0.75KW
Belt width 120mm 120mm
Dimension 760*550*1280mm 1040*440*1280mm
Weight 100kg 80kg

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