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Double Stirring Stuffing Mixing Machine Automatic High Quality

  • MOQ:1 set
  • Certification:CE
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
The Double Stirring Stuffing Mixing Machine  is according to the international advanced product features, and in combination with meat processing process characteristics, developing its own features. 
Its usage is to mix all sorts of different specifications of granular materials and other accessories according to the technological requirements to satisfy different needs.
The Double Stirring Stuffing Mixing Machine is the reference international similar advanced product characteristic, simultaneously unifies our country meat product processing craft characteristic, can mix all kinds of meat with spices equably,combining meat and spices fully.
The Double Stirring Stuffing Mixing Machine is easy to operate, high efficiency, stirring shaft adopts imported equipment mixing method, mixing rule for the fan, and are free to remove, make material mixing more evenly, after mixing the product viscosity increases, elastic, meat tenderizer for material.it is the first choice of equipment to make dried sausage products, granular, mud mixed sausage products, meatball products .
The food connection part of the machine is made by stainless steel with special surface treatment, conform to the hygiene standards. It’s suitable for hotel, restaurant, food processing factory; it’s also suitable for medicine, chemical factory and so on for making and modulating the raw material.
1.High efficiency, material changing speed quickly, simple operation, convenient and comfortable, has very long service life
2.Automatic discharging, reduce the labor intensity of workers.
3.Unique form of screw tooth arrangement makes the material more mixing, single charge more.
4.Unique three layer sealing protection equipment service life is longer, it is more convenient to clean
5.For granular, powdery, slimy, paste, slurry material has good practicability and mixing effect. 
2.The machine is made of full stainless steel, the block material has good plasticity.
3.Positive & negative free control, with functions of automatic discharging.
4.Wide application, for sausage, meat, rice cakes, sauces and food stuff etc

Technical Data
Model Capacity Voltage Power Weight Dimension
GG-100 100kg/time 380V
1.5kw 150kg 1200*550*950mm
GG-200 200kg/time 2.2kw 210kg 1550*700*1000mm
GG-300 300kg/time 3.7kw 400kg 1680*700*1000mm

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