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Household Small Stainless Steel Meat Grinder

  • MOQ:1 set
  • Certification:CE
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
(1) electric meat grinder before using the cleaning of the various parts of washable parts).
(2) assembled after power until after the machine is operating normally, and then add the meat.
(3) before the meat grinder, please boning the meat cut into small pieces (thin strips), so as not to damage the machine.
(4) power on, to be operating normally, and then add the meat.
(5) Add the meat must be uniform, not too much, so as not to affect the motor damage, such as found in the machine is not functioning properly, you should immediately turn off the power, check the reason after the shutdown.
(6) found leakage, ignition failure, should immediately cut off the power supply, an electrician for repairs, not privately boot repair.
(7) after turning off the power. Then the parts clean, drain the water, put in a dry place for use.
Before (8), operating instructions requirements. Not strictly follow the rules and use, problems arise at your peril.So,please be careful.
Twist the knife blade along the transfer port is installed. Reamer tool steel, sharp blade requirements, use a period after the blade dulls, it should exchange a new blade or re-grinding, otherwise it will affect the cutting efficiency, and even some chopped material is not discharged, but by extrusion, milled into a slurry discharged directly affect product quality, according to research some plants, canned luncheon meat fat precipitated serious quality accidents, often this causes.
After the assembly or replacement cutter, must take the fastening nut tightened to ensure grid plate does not move,
Otherwise due between grating cutter rotational movement and relative movement, can cause the material
Refining the role. Reamer must grating snug fit, or will affect the cutting efficiency.
Screw feeder in machine wall in rotation, to prevent the spiral outer wall collide with the machine, if a little touching,
Immediate damage to the machine. But that gap can not be too large, the impact over the General Assembly and feed efficiency
Squeeze pressure, even the material back from the gap, so this part of the processing and security components
Higher loading requirements.

Household Small Stainless Steel Meat Grinder
Technical Data
Motor 550 w 750 w 2200 w 4000 w
Voltage 220 v 220 v 380 v 380 v
Capacity 120 kg/h 220 kg/h 320 kg/h 650kg/h
Dimension 380*200*430
400*240*450mm 530*270*500mm 530*1017*950mm
Weight 23 kg 42 kg 55 kg 85 kg

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