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Meat Bowl Cutter High Speed

  • MOQ:1 set
  • Certification:CE
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
1.The Meat Bowl Cutter is completely made of stainless steel, with elegant structure and appearance, easy to clean, meeting National Instrument health standards. 
2.With advanced technology and reasonable design, to guarantee meat cutting fineness,low heat, slaughtering a short time, improve product flexibility and production.
3.The machine chops meat and its accessories into meat stuffing or meat paste through chopping actions of chopping blade with high speed rotation. 
4.It can also stir together seasoning, borneol, water or ice cake. 
5.also add other material during cutting and mixing, such as oil, condiment, salt, sauce, flour, vegetable, etc, so we can get final stuffing.
6.The cutting knife of the automatic chopping mixer made of advanced material. The cut mixer rotates and the meat into paste.
7.This machine has a selected range of knife speeds. It is fitted with an uploading scraper which discharges the product into a container via a chute. 
8. with high speed rotation of blade, food can be finished process in a shorter time.
Advantage :
1.it can produce food in high quality and last the shelf period of food. 
2.All the cutters are made of high quality material. Solid construction, easy to clean and high standard hygiene. 
3.Modern technique, more accurate and reliable, which ensures smooth operation, high productivity and low energy consumption.
4.the machine offers a high degree of maintenance and service convenience.
5.Bowl cutter used on cutting, grinding and mixing meat, we can get meat paste very quickly within a few minutes, fast grinding with mixing.
6.the machine can be controlled by adjusting time.
7.The automatic chopping mixer is made of stainless steel, anti corrosion, easy to clean and maintain.

Technical Data
Model GG-20 GG-40
Capacity 20L/pot 40L/pot
Chopper Speed 2000r/min 1440/2980r/min
Cutting knife quantity 3sets 3sets
Rotating pan speed 7r/min 7r/min
Total Power 1.5KW 5.1KW
Weight 500KG 680KG
Dimension 800*650*990mm 1500*860*1400mm

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