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Peanut Butter Cooling Machine for Sale

  • MOQ:1 set
  • Certification:CE
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
This machine uses heat exchange principle(water cooling) to cool low viscosity to medium viscosity products, such as peanut butter cooler, jam, honey, oil, soup, sauces, fruit purees and juice, baby food etc. Our machine is made of stainless steel, high quality, conform food hygiene and safety requirements. For cooling peanut butter, it is usually connect with peanut butter grinder or peanut butter degassing tank, peanut butter after grinder or degassing tank is a little high temperature, through cooling machine, down its temperature soon, then can go to next process step, like filling peanut butter. For peanut butter cooling effect is related with cooling machine length. Same capacity machine, length longer, cooling effect better. No need air pump, water source pass machine by circulating water of water pool or nature water from pipes. When using machine, in order to keep its cooling effect, pay attention to water temperature and cycles. If water temperature is too high, think method to down its temperature or change water. 
1.Stainless steel material, ensure machine quality and use life, and meet food cooling demand. 
2.Use water cooling principles, cooling effect is better, no waste of water, save cost and no environment pollution.
3.Easy to use. Just connect this machine with processing material and water, it will cool it automatically. If use in automatic line, just connect before and after machines, which will work automatically, no need person to operate. Save labor.
4.Beautiful and elegant performance. 
5.Easy to clean. After using machine, just pass water, can clean machine well. 
6.Environment Friendly. Use water cooling only, no need other fuel or power to supply refrigeration, and water is cycle, no waste. 
7.Multifunctional usage, can cool various liquid and paste. Is good choice for many industrial. 

Technical Data
Model GG-2000C
capacity 300-500kg/h
dimension (2000~3000)*400*1700mm
weight 400-600KG
Package dimension (2100-3100)*500*1800mm
power 0.75kw
voltage 380V/50HZ

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