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Potato Cleaning Machine Price

  • MOQ:1 set
  • Certification:CE
  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
Potato cleaning machine is multi-functional, which also suitable for yam, carrot,sweet potato, sea shell and others.
For the cleaning machine, if you also need peeling function at cleaning same time. We also can provide you potato cleaner machine with the peeling function.
potato cleaning machine price

Potato cleaning machine working principle:

Put the potato into the brush cleaning machine, the potato will remove the dirt on the surface of the machine with the continuous operation of the machine's hair roller. Our brush cleaning machine uses soft brushes, which will not harm the skin of potatoes. The brush cleaning machine is equipped with a spray head, and water will be sprayed out during the cleaning process to effectively remove the soil from the potatoes.

Advantages of potato cleaner machine:

1. Multi-purpose: The machine is used for cleaning root vegetables and fruits. Suitable for many root vegetables, such as carrots, cassava, sweet potatoes, etc.
2. The operation is simple and the output of the machine can be selected according to the needs of customers.
3: Potato cleaning machine is made of stainless steel.
4: Potato cleaner can save a lot of time and manpower. It is widely used in restaurants, hotels, universities, corporate canteens and food processing plants.
5: The potato cleaning machine can be used alone or continuously.
Technical Data
Potato Washing and Cleaning Machine Power(KW) Size(mm) Capacity(KG/H) Weight(KG) Roller Size(mm)
GGXM800 1.1 1600*850*800 400 220 800
GGXM1000 1.5 1800*850*800 600 260 1000
GGXM1200 1.5 2000*850*800 800 280 1200
GGXM1500 2.2 2300*850*800 1000 320 1500
GGXM2000 3 2800*850*800 1500 420 2000
GGXM2600 4.37 3100*850*1450 2000 600 2600

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