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Mango Hot Water Treatment Machine Plant

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  • Warranty Time:12 Months
  • Country Of Origin:China
Mango is an evergreen tree that grows in subtropical and tropical regions. Mango fruit is one of the most consumed and popular fruits in the world. Due to the short shelf life, most mango varieties cannot be stored at low temperatures (below 13°C). Due to physiological deterioration and pathogen infection, mangoes are prone to corruption, leading to huge losses of mangoes, threatening mango exports and consumption, and difficult to export to the international market.
More process customers choose to sterilize mangoes through hot water treatment. In order to minimize post-harvest losses and extend the shelf life, mangoes are processed after harvesting. Hot water treatment is a common and widely used one. The hot water treatment technology not only protects the fruit from pests and diseases, but this method is also cheaper.
Hot water treatment for mango can delay maturity and control rot and insect attack, which can improve the quality and shelf life of mangoes. Hot water treatment is a necessary condition for Pakistani mangoes to enter China through the inspection and quarantine process. Soaking mangoes in water above 48 degrees Celsius for 60 minutes can eliminate all the eggs. After the hot water treatment, it is classified according to the size
It has been found that using hot water is safer and more effective in meeting quarantine requirements. In contrast, hot water treatment is a relatively inexpensive method, which is better for developing countries like Pakistan.
Our hot water treatment processing machine can customize suitable hot water treatment machine according to the production demand. And after processing the hot water treatment machine. we also provide other mango processing equipment, such as mango grading, mango slicer, mango dryer, mango pulping machine, etc.

This is mango treatment processing machine working video. Welcome see it.
Technical Data
Mango treatment machine  Power(KW) Size(MM) Weight(KG) Mesh width(MM)
GGXQ3000 2.2/0.75/1.5 3100*1400*1500 500 600
GGXQ4000 4/1.1/1.5 4100*1400*1500 700 800
GGXQ5000 5.5/1.5/2.2 5100*1400*1500 900 800
GGXQ6000 5.5/1.5/2.2 6100*1400*1500 1000 800
GGXQ7000 5.5/1.5/3 7100*1400*1500 1200 800
GGXQ8000 5.5/1.5/3 8100*1400*1500 1350 800

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