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  • How To Use Gas Heating Oil Frying Machine


    Function The Gas Heating Oil Frying Machine is work with fried food machinery,suitable for food factory and frying company,the energy is gas.The temperature and frying time can be adjusted according to

  • fruit and vegetable wahsing machine


    We are engaged in fruit and vegetable machiens .And vegetable and fruit washing machine is one of our advanced machine, BubbleTypeLeafyVegetableCleaningMachine , BrushTypeWashingandPeelingMachine and P

  • Superiority of Fresh Orange Juice Vending Machine


    Fresh Orange Juice Vending Machine can automatically complete the juice, cup, capping, Straw and charging integration process, intelligent balance per cup Orange Juice weight; all terminals in real tim

  • Our Stainless steel Juice Filter Machine


    Our Stainless Steel Juice Filter Machine is a kind of small size machine, which is designed with the features of convenient to move, high efficiency, and low noise, small size, suitable for any granule

  • Warmly Welcome The Nigerian Government Delegation Visit Henan China


    On the Nov.13 2015,The Nigerian government delegation visited Henan china.the leader of Henan Gelgoog Machinery Co.,Ltd,Lijunhua with other companies have business communication with nigerian governmen

  • Operating Instructions of Sugarcane Juice Machine


    Operating Instructions of Sugarcane Juice Machine 1.Firstofallcleaningsugarcane,freshfruit,ginger,garlic,etc.,toensurecleansanitation. 2,Beforetheuseshouldfirstcheckmachine,wipeawayinsidedirt,addsomelu

  • Superfoods to Fight Anemia


    Blood is made up of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. The red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen and removing carbon dioxide (as a waste product) in the body with t

  • A Client Buy Juice Making Machine


    On october 22, one of our indian customers ,named giriraj mundj mundra ,bought a juice making machine 1.5t/h.The customers is a boss running a juicer factory.and he bought 5 sets . At first he talk to

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