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Peanut Skin Peeling Machine sold to Peru

Time:2017-10-16 By:wendy

These  is our peanut skin peeling machine sold to Peru. The biggest advantage is the high peanut skin peeling rate. The working principle of differential speed rolling friction drive, in peanut after baking the moisture is less than five percent (to avoid burnt) when peeling, leather absorb through convulsions system, skin, meters apart.
After peeling, the peanut is not broken, the color is white, the protein is invariable.

Our company produces peeling machine that has two kinds of steel roller and sand roller.
It can be used in many combinations, such as feeding, peeling, peeling, picking, vacuuming, packing and running water, and the quality of peeling can reach the export standard.
The whole machine has reasonable structure, stable operation, long service life and high defatation rate.
It has the advantages of stable performance, safe and reliable, high productivity, good peeling effect and low half-grain rate.
Besides, this machine has the characteristics of small volume, low energy consumption, high efficiency and easy operation

pwanut skin peeling machine sold to peru


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