Fruit Juice Sterilizer|Fruit Juice Sterilization Machine

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Fruit Juice Sterilizer|Fruit Juice Sterilization Machine  is indispensable in the juice processes.
juice sterization machin

Our juice sterilization machine  sterilization is simple, time is short, sterilization thoroughly, pasteurized milk is the use of bacteria is not very heat-resistant this feature, the use of appropriate temperature sterilization will die at the same time.

We aslo have fruit vegetable washing machine, juice machine, and juice filling machine for your choice. it is better for your juice production line.

juice sterilizer|fruiut juice zterilization machine

Technical Data
Model GG-S
Pot size Diameter:700mm , Length: 1200mm
Machine material SUS 304
design pressure 0.35mp
Power 33kw
Dimension    1700*1000*2400mm
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