Commercial Electric Juice Extractor Machine with Double Screw For Sale

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The commercial electric Fruit Vegetable Extractor Machine is the leading level of high-yield juicer,and the fruit and vegetable juicer with double screw. The juice extractor features are: low energy consumption, feed is not blocked.  Our the fruit and vegetable juicer is on sale ,with  best price,contact us freely if you need price.

How to use fruit and vegetable juicer:
1: put the broken fruit into the feed inlet of the juicer.
2: the fruit is compressed under the propulsion of the spiral, and then gets the juice. The juice is filtered through the net into the bottoms of the bottom. The waste is discharged through the annular gap formed between the spiral and the tapered part of the pressure adjustment.

How to get higher purity juice:
The movement of the pressure head along the axial direction can adjust the size of the gap. For clockwise (from the slag slot of the device to the end of the hopper, when turning the handwheel bearing seat, the pressure head is left to the left, the gap shrinks, otherwise the gap becomes larger. To change the size of the gap, that is to adjust the resistance of slag discharge, the slag rate can be changed, but if the gap is too small, the particles of some slag will be extruded through the filter with the juice under the strong extrusion. Although the juice increases, the quality of the juice is relatively reduced and the size of the gap should be determined by the specific process requirements of the users. Thus the purpose of automatic separation of juice and slag is achieved.
The juicer is mainly used for chopping and beating of food, vegetables, melon and fruit. The pulp is processed into a high nutritious drink. It is widely used in small food factory, beverage processing plant and so on. It is easy to operate and is convenient to use.
Our machine can be used for power supply. We just need to turn on the power, start the motor, and run the beating machine. Then check whether the spindle's spiral direction is correct, whether the sound is normal or not. After examination, we can use our juicer.

If you need to know the Working Principle of Screw Type Juice Extractor,you can see the article.

Fruit and vegetable juicer machine video:

Vegetable juicer recipes
Fresh Carrot Juice
Drinking a certain amount of fresh carrot juice every day can improve the whole body condition. Carrot juice improves appetite and resistance to infection. Lactating mothers drink more carrot juice every day, and the quality of milk produced is much higher than that of mothers who do not drink it.
People who suffer from ulcers can significantly reduce symptoms by drinking carrot juice. Carrot juice also alleviating conjunctivitis and maintaining the entire visual system.
celery juice
Celery has a clear taste and can enhance the appetite. When the weather is dry and hot, drink a cup of celery juice in the morning and feel better. It is best to drink celery juice between two meals. Celery juice can also be used as diuretics and laxatives and antihypertensive drugs.
Celery juice is especially suitable for people with vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and vitamin P, because the root leaves of celery are rich in vitamin C, vitamin C and vitamin P

For the fruit or vegetable pre-process, we also have fruit vegetable washing machine and peeling machine for your choice.

double screw fruit vegetable juice extractor machine with low price
Technical Data
Model Capacity Powder Size
GG-1 1T/H 3kw 1400×385×810mm
GG-3 3T/H 11KW 2200×720×1360mm
GG-5 5T/H 22KW 2320×900×1780mm
GG-10 10T/H 30KW 2320×1100×2000mm
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