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Automatic Peanut Peeling And Half Separate Machine

This PEANUT PEELER AND HALF SEPARATE MACHINE is one of the special peeling equipment used for processing peanut butter. The machine is especially suitable for the processing of raw peanuts. The peanuts are not strictly classified. After the baking process, the temperature drops below 40 degrees Celsius.
peanut peeler and half separate machine|peanut peeling machine(The size of the gap between two pairs of rollers can be adjusted with the size of the peanut particles), the relatively large raw material part of the crushed particles (the size of the gap between the two can be adjusted with the size of the peanut particles), the crushing of the raw material of the relatively large particles, Peanuts and red at the same time landing at the bottom of the shaker, not squeezed peeling of small particles of raw materials automatically fall into the second stage of the roller to squeeze (second on the roll gap smaller), crushed peanut Rice and red also landed on the bottom of the shaker, so that all the size of the peanuts are all crushed, the red skin smooth peeling, peanuts out of the finished product is basically a half grain state, with the shaker moving peanuts and Red push forward together to the front of the discharge port set up by the suction fan, due to the small proportion of skin, red all sucked away, collected.

This type of peeling and half separate machine has the advantages of high degree of automation, high flap rate, low noise, no pollution and so on. The machine vacuum cleaner can suck peanut red, and the separated peanut half grain is uniform and beautiful.the peanut peeling and half separate machine is the preferred peeling machine for peanut butter processing.
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