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Vegetable Cutting Machine With Changing Cutting Speed

The Vegetable Cutting Machine With Changing Cutting Speed is multifunctional, can be used to cutting leaf vegetables and roots vegetables, and can  cut vegetable to slicer,chips,cube etc. It is according customer demand.
And the machine cutting size can be adjusted within 1 - 30mm.
1, root vegetables: potato, yu head, sweet potato, melons, bamboo shoots, onions, eggplant; leafy: celery, cabbage, cabbage, spinach and other long strips cut into small pieces, Like, cutter can be easily replaced to meet different production needs.

multifunction vegetable cutting machine for sale china
2, leaf vegetables: the conveyor belt conveying raw materials, knife speed and belt speed were independently controlled inverter, cutting the size of vegetables can be adjusted 1 - 60 mm.
The customer base: food factory, clean vegetable processing; clean vegetable distribution industry, college logistics, group meals, students nutrition, rest assured breakfast, restaurant chain, central kitchen, central factory, enterprise canteen.

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