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Sugarcane Peeler Machine For Sale

Automatic sugarcane peeler machine advantages:
1, the use of food grade stainless steel blade, to ensure clean and sanitary;

2, Peel cleanliness rate can reach up 60% higher than the previous generation, the speed increased 80%, to meet customer requirements peeled, customer retention rate increased by 60% for the turnover increased by 40%;

automatic suagrcane peeler machine for sale china3, can be customized 24v power supply, the perfect solution to shop or booth is not convenient to pull the wire problem, not because of peeling and affect your sales;

4, the use of 750w copper motor, you can work long hours, and less than one hour power saving;

5, we only peeled not peeled, 100% retain the original flavor of sugar cane;

6, the sugarcane peeler machine is very convenient.sugarcane peeler machine can go with you anywhere;

7, Dander is easy to collect, completely free from the phenomenon of the door shop is messy when peeling the sugarcane skin.and to ensure that the door of the health stores to improve the impression in the minds of customers in the shop.

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