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Automatic Garlic Processing Plnat

We provide garlic processing plant with best price.For the garlic plant, we can provide the suitable solution according your detail demands. We have flat type garlic root cutting machine,cocave type garlic root cutting machine,garlic separator machine,peeling machine,washing machine,paste machine,drying machine,powder machine,packing machine and others. Today, i will show you some of the garlic machine.

Garlic cutting machine (cutting model):
The garlic remover is used to cut the root of fresh garlic.With automatic feeding, automatic root cutting function.Cutting depth can be automatically adjusted according to different sizes of garlic, after cutting garlic will be more smooth.Simple operation and high efficiency.

Garlic separation machine:
This machine is used to separate garlic from clove.The working principle is to use the standard.A rubber roller for food breaks garlic into cloves.It also applies exclusivity.Develop pressure regulation methods to ensure different sizes of garlic products.

Garlic peeling machine:The garlic peeler is a highly efficient peeling machine that can be peeled directly without soaking.As a result, some people will not tolerate a strong smell when they are skinning, wasting their time and labor.
Garlic slicer
The machine has a stainless steel material, easy operation, high output, uniform thickness, adjustable, no damage.
It can slice solid vegetables such as garlic, ginger, potatoes, taro and onions.
It is made of stainless steel.
The finished slicer is smooth and uniform.

automatic garlic processing plant for sale
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