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Automatic Peanut Peeler Machine With Low Price

We need to pre-process peanut before make deep process for peanut such as Preparation of oil, the preparation of peanut protein,peanut frying,peanut butter and so on.Peanut pretreatment mainly includes peanut peeling and grading, frying and steaming and so on. Peanut in the processing or as an export commodity, the need for skinning processing. Peanut in the preparation of oil, the purpose of peeling is to improve the oil rate, improve the quality of crude oil and cake, conducive to the follow-up process of rolling embryo and the comprehensive utilization of the shell.

automatic peanut peeler machine with low price in chinaThe traditional peeling for human hand peeling, hand peeling is not only easy to fatigue, injury, and inefficient work, so the majority of farmers in the production area of ​​the urgent need to use machines instead of hand peeling. The invent of automatic  peanut peeling machine to a large extent changed the situation, so that farmers in the flower producing areas do not have to use the most primitive peeling method for skinning, which greatly reduces the farmer's labor, but also improve the peanut peeling effectiveness.
How effective and correct use of peanut peeling machine, peanut peeling machine is how to work it?
Before the peanut peeling machine work, we need to fix the motor, so that the two wheels in the same line, connected to the power supply, must be connected to the ground, good anyway turn, turn off after 5 minutes to check the various parts of the screw is loose, V-belt elasticity of the situation, whether the hot parts of the hot, and two new pressing situation, if abnormal to be adjusted.
Coarse roller and fine roller is no gap with. Coarse roller by adjusting the pressure of the spring, by the role of the rocker to tightly pressed on the roller, the greater the spring pitch, the smaller the pressure, the pressure to the coarse roller is small, otherwise the greater. Spring pitch adjustment requirements in the 2-4mm or so, which is the key to the effect of peeling effect. The machine has been adjusted to the use of the location of the factory, but according to the actual situation the user should always pay attention to adjustment.
Peanut peeling machine before the operation of the cover of the transmission parts of the protective cover, the operation must be the implementation of the safety of the first provisions, in strict accordance with the operating procedures, no negligence.
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