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Seafood Washing Machine for Fresh Oyster,Clam,Scallop

Brush type seafood washing machine consist the motor, pulley,7-12 hair sticks and other components. We have different capacity for your choice such as 800kg/h,1200kg/h,1500kg/h,1800kg/h,2000kg/h,3000kg/h,4000kg/h and 5000kg/.The type seafood washing machine with brush principle, widely used in washing for fresh Oyster,Clam,Scallop , bell stalk, horseshoe, salvia, codonopsis, ginseng, pueraria, polygonatum, pinellia, gastrodia, blue, panax, poria and other seafood.
The brush type seafood washing machine has the characteristics of beautiful appearance and easy operation, large amount of cleaning peeling, high efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous cleaning, simple operation, long service life and so on. The brush roll material is treated by special process (made of nylon thread ), Durable, good wear resistance. The box is made of high quality stainless steel, non-corrosive, clean and sanitary. Particularly suitable for tertiary institutions, canteens, hotels.
Small footprint, low loss rate, less electricity. save time and energy.
Can be customized according to customer requirements senior nylon brush wire, Seiko brush, wear not downside, can clean the cleaner, more shiny.
Machine thick steel production, durable. Wheel four-point support, easy to move. Double row of industrial chain drive, wear resistance, greater capacity, safe and reliable.
Pulley motor, so that the device starts more stable, lower noise, longer life.

seafood washing machine for fresh oyster,clam,scallop
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