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Bean Peeling Machine Shipped to Brazil

This is our multiufnction bean peeling machine are shipped to Brazil. Our brazil customer need to process 300kg soybean per hour. and the brazil customer need soybean peeling machine with stainless steel. then our technicist make machine with stailless steel to meet our brazil requirements.

This bean peeling machine is suitable for the dry peeling of soybeans , peas, almonds and so on. The peeling rate is above 98% .It is the ideal equipment for soybeans to improve the grade of soy products, Kind of function, high peeling rate, reliable quality, energy efficient, easy to operate. Is the smallest domestic power, covering the least, the highest degree of automation, the best quality of the finished pea peeling machine. Applicable to food processing plants, hotels.

soybean peeling machine with low price
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