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Best Salad Making Machine

We provide high quality best salad making machine.The salad production line includes fruit washing machine,air drying machine,cutting machine. if you need, we also have sald packing machine for your choice.Any problem you can contact email wendy@machinehall.com.

Product characteristics description of the salad production line:
1. It is suitable for leaf vegetables, root vegetables, melons and fruits and other materials that can flow together with water.
2. Unique level of patent mixing water washing technology, extend washing time, will not damage materials.
3. The optional equipment includes a crisscross flush flow washing machine, a bubble device, a fast cover drum type automatic circulating water filter system, suitable for different material cleaning and filtering requirements.
4. Several vibrating screens are replaced according to the requirements of materials, thus reducing the production cost.
5. Double filter system: filter tank, filter tank. Regenerate water and save water.
6. The machine adopts SUS 304 stainless steel sand blasting process, except motor, electrical equipment and other related components.
7. The conical bottom is designed for centralized storage and drainage of soil and sand.
8. The 360 degree rotary drain valve is applicable to the design requirements of different workshops.

best salad making machine
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