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How to Pit Dates with Dates Seed Removing Machine in India

Most of the natural fruit products are succulent, sweet and delicious, but their extremely short shelf life and poor processability, especially the structure of most natural fruits, are appearance is skin, the middle is pulp, the heart is nuclear, for example Dates, dates, apricots, plums, hawthorns, cherries, etc., severely restrict the output and quality of deep processing of natural fruit agricultural products.

How to pit dates with dates seed removing machine in india? Our dates seed removing machine can effectively remove the cores and ensure the quality of products, creating a deep processing condition of natural fruit products.

India has a large area of jujubes, so a large number of pitting dates machine are used to deep-process dates. Our dates deep-processing equipment and jujube-to-nuclear machine are sold nationwide. There are dates mouths at the upper end of the equipment-to-nuclear body, and dates meat outlets and clearing mouths, as well as jujube-nuclear outlets, are installed below; the chutes are installed obliquely, and the upper ends are fed with materials. The disk is connected and the lower end is connected with the jujube mouth on the jujube processing container; the position of the cleaning part in the processing part is corresponding to the cleaning mouth; the parts in the equipment are driven by the power mechanism; the jujube to be processed when used passes through The feeding parts are arranged in an orderly manner on the sorting board, and then enter the processing part. After the feeding mechanism and the nuclear removal mechanism, the dates meat with the nuclear removed is pushed into the dates meat storage box.

The characteristics of dates seed pitting machine:
1. The dates seed remover machine adopts vibrator feeding design, the material supply is balanced and stable, and the speed can be adjusted according to the production demand.
2. According to the original work method of manual manual core removal, our company developed this model to take “mechanical grabbing” to the core method, which is fast, so that human labor is completely replaced by machinery, which greatly reduces the investment in production.
3. The processing of dates without screening (not size distinction), the model can be automated screening
processing, user-friendly design of innovation.
4. Even if other hard materials are mixed in the processing raw material, it will not cause damage to the machine itself and can be discharged automatically.
5. The model is made of stainless steel and has a long service life and easy maintenance.
dates seed removing machine
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