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Vegetable Bubble Washing Machine Advantage

 It is understood that China first opened the pattern of diet purification. Large-scale commercial fruit and vegetable washing machine is also divided into many forms, vegetable bubble cleaning machine is ultrasonic technology, nanotechnology as the core, diet purification, to truly effective removal of pesticides, heavy metals, microbes and other harmful substances on the human body. Currently in the Chinese market, fruit and vegetable cleaning, disinfecting machine is not a lack of their homes are also a few, but these conservative household fruits and vegetables cleaning equipment, disinfection machines and other technical aspects are not yet mature, it can not completely solve human health problems.

From the purification capacity, first of all. Conservative household cleaning and disinfection of fruits and vegetables generally use ozone and disinfectant, the purification and disinfection of its ingredients even 50% are difficult to achieve; and vegetable bubble cleaning machine through the ultrasonic, nano-technology all-round purification, decomposition of fruits and vegetables table pesticide residues, toxins As well as other harmful substances, the purification efficiency of the authority by the state sector as high as 90%.

Vegetable cleaning machine simple operation and cost-effective, but also other fruits and vegetables cleaning, disinfection of the machine can not match from the operational point of view, the conservative cleaning and disinfection of fruits and vegetables for different food and cutlery for cleaning and disinfection there will be multiple options for regulation , There is no certain knowledge of the electrical application of the people is very easy to misuse, resulting in damage to fruit and vegetable ingredients, machine damage can even cause casualties; and vegetable bubble cleaning machine to use a one-click disposal of fruits and vegetables can be cleaned, disinfected, very simple Fast, there is no misuse of the situation.

Vegetable bubble cleaner than other fruit and vegetable cleaning, disinfecting machine technology content is much higher, the future will lead the Chinese health cleaning machine.

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