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Bubble Type Blueberry Washing Machine Supplier

Bubble type Blueberry Washing Machine is suitable for the cleaning of various vegetables and fruits such as cabbage, spinach, lobster, bean curd, apple, orange, potato, radish, fig, mangosteen, wolfberry, peanut, kelp, strawberry, pepper and jujube Processing.
our this fruit vegetable washing machine take bubble type for fruits and vegetables for flexible cleaning, cleaning effect is good and will not cause damage to the surface of the material to maintain the original state of gloss. For special fruit and vegetable categories can also increase the high pressure spray cleaning and wax mixing cleaning, to achieve better cleaning effect.
bubble type blueberry washing machine with low priceBlueberry washing machine soybean foam cleaning machine using high-quality food grade SUS304 made of stainless steel, the appearance of fine, the overall structure of the total reasonable, conducive to cleaning after cleaning to prevent residual material deterioration, resulting in the process of pollution, in line with national food hygiene and safety Claim.
The device uses high-power bubble generator, the use of bubble burst energy release, driven by water tumbling on the surface of vegetables and fruits to wash, washed and washed well, and does not damage the quality of materials, effectively improve the cleaning efficiency and protection of fruit quality.
1. leaf vegetables, washing machine easy to use, simple, the machine uses CNC control panel, the work procedures are button control, are fool-type operation, no technology, one can operate the whole.
2. The use of more advanced UV / 03 water treatment system for cleaning water disinfection, the effective killing of harmful bacteria, decomposition of residual pesticides.
3. Leaf vegetable washing machine with a cutting board, the cleaning material and wash the sand effectively separated, reducing the water turbidity, greatly improving the cleaning water recycling rate, can save 80% of the cleaning water, saving Manpower.
Equipment in addition to motor, bearings and other standard parts are used SUS304 / 2B materials produced, in full compliance with export food hygiene requirements. Equipment is equipped with bubble generation device, the principle of desalination cleaning machine is mainly the use of the box before the equipment in the box filled with the amount of water, the heating pipe will be heated, the raw material through the box, with the bubble machine and water Combined with the role of rolling state, and with the belt continued to move forward, the water surface, the high-end with a shower head, high pressure washing.
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