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Coconut Meat Grinder Machine

Coconut meat grinder machine  is the use of band sawtooth rotor centrifugal force will coconut grinding into small particles. The machine is advanced in design, simple in structure, suitable for the grinding of coconut and other fruits and vegetables. Crushed coconut size adjustable size
It has the advantages of simple and convenient operation, no shaking, low noise, easy to clean, durable and so on.

Coconut meat grinder machine  by the hopper feeding into the machine, the material in the band sawtooth rotor high-speed rotation of cutting materials, the material even refinement. In order to prevent the material in the rotor centrifugal force from the teeth with the rotor on the contact, the stator will be designed to conical, and the stator wall with a guide bar, the material fully with the serrated contact, and grinding the material into the hopper.

coconut meat grinder machine
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