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Commercial Vegetable Washing Machine to England

This is our vegetable washing machine will be packed to England.The vegetable washing machine is multifunctional, can suitable for chili,celey,spinach,dates,apple and others.If you are doing fruit vegetable process business, our the fruit vegetable washing machine will be your great helper.

Thes are fruit vegetable washing machine advantages:
1: with surfing pump, the product under the waves washing, can give full play to the product's cleaning effect. Surfing pump power 4kw.
2: washing tank with eight groups at the top of high-pressure water sprinkler, water pump power 3kw.
3: The tank is equipped with overflow device, the stolen goods are floated by bubbling, and the floating device can be discharged through the overflow port with a quick-release impurity filter, which can remove and remove floating impurities at any time.
4:climbing section with a secondary spray sprinkler, cleaning products can be cleaned by the second line, spray. Water for tap water.
5: Equipment equipped with 4 mixed brush to go brush, brush rotation can remove the film surface hair or fiber. Brush for quick-release, easy to remove cleaning. Hair is 0.2 silky nylon filament.

We also have fruit vegetable cutting machine,juice machine,packing machine and others. Any problem you can email wendy@machinehall.com freely or you can leave messgae on our website.

commerical fruit vegetable washing machine to england
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