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Dates Seed Removing Machine in India

This is our date seeds removing machine sold to India.After the date pitting machine, we can make date with nuts. We also have date cleaning machine.The whole date process line is your great helper for date process business.

Why choose our date seeds removing machine ?
  • The machine uses vibrator feeding design, feeding balance, smooth, speed can be adjusted according to production needs.
  • According to the original manpower manual nuclear way of working, our company developed this model to take "mechanical grasping" to the nuclear way, speed, human labor completely replaced by machinery, greatly saving production inputs.
  • Processing of raw materials (jujube) without screening (no distinction between size), the model can be automated screening, human design innovative.
  • Even if the processing of raw materials mixed with other hard objects, it will not cause harm to the machine itself, can be automatically discharged.
  • The machine is made of stainless steel, long life, easy maintenance.
Date palm is one of the most promising fruit crops in the arid regions of India, with irrigation facilities. It is considered to be the oldest of the cultivated trees. The Middle East and other African countries are major producers of date palm. India is the world's largest importer of date palms, and Iran is the largest exporter. In India, it is planted on 12,493 hectares of land in the Kachchh area of ​​Gujarat, producing 85,351 tons of fruit per year. Date palm has very specific conditions for successful cultivation, namely a long hot and dry summer, a mild winter and almost no rain during fruit ripening (July to August). Depending on the variety, the requirements for the thermal unit (HSU) of the date palm vary between 1950 and 3650. The HSU of the Indian desert between March and August has been calculated from 2000 to 2400, above the base of 180 °C, above the 3500 to 4000 of 100 °C.
Date palm has a very high commercial value.
The date palms picked from the date palm trees are cleaned to remove dust from the surface. Air drying to remove moisture from the surface of the date. Also jujube to remove the core of the date palm. You can also grind the dates into a sauce. A variety of date palm business. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. Email:wendy@machinehall.com  Phone/whatsapp/wechat:+8618539931566

daet sseds removing machine in india
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