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Machine Crushing and Destemming Grapes

Our machine crushing and destemming for graps is our company to absorb the advanced technology and combined with China's national conditions developed new products. There are currently 2-30 tons / hour four models for the user to choose, but also according to user requirements to produce larger models of 40-50 tons / hour.If you need quick quotation and contact, you can give us a call at +8618539931566 or email wendy@machinehall.com

How about our grapes crushing and destemming machine:
1, spiral quantitative feed. Remove the stem before it breaks.
2. In addition to the stem shaft and the stem sifter, stepless speed regulation can be achieved. Except that the length of the stem sifting screen is lengthened, it can be applied to the treatment of various grape varieties, and there are less fruits in the fruit stem outside the machine.
3. The product is made of high-quality stainless steel. The crushing device is located in the lower part of the stem-removing screen. The crushing roller is made of high-elastic non-toxic rubber. The crushing device and the body are connected by quick opening.
4. The feed pump is a single screw pump installed in the lower part of the crusher.

For the grapes process machine,we also have juice extractor machine and juice sterilize machine and juice filling machine. All the machine can be made according you customer demands. Contact freely if you have any problem.

grapes crushing and destemming machine for sale
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