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Vegetable Washing Line for Commercial Factory

We provide vegetable washing line for commerical factory use with high quality and best price. The freshness of processed vegetable foods can be longer than that of normal vegetables. .

After washing, the loss of fibrous tissue of vegetables can extend the shelf life. Our cleaning line can do aeration cleaning, sediment removal, hair removal, floating debris removal and other effects.

1: sediment removal device:
Sludge and other heavier impurities in the aerated material sink into the bottom silo and no longer rise
2: hair removal device
Remove hair, fine lines and other debris from cleaning materials
3: Clean water spray device
Purge the material again.

In order to comply with the needs of customers for the performance, quality and service of mechanical equipment, we are always committed to the research, development and continuous innovation of the products. The mechanical products combine the simple, durable and practical design concepts. Excellent processing technology, combined with the practical experience of the dehydrated vegetable industry in the city for decades, has made the factory's machinery sell well in domestic major provinces and cities, and has also won the love of foreign customers in Europe, America, Japan, Russia and Thailand and so on.

We have always regarded quality as the life of a company. We have many years of professional washing clenang machine design, R&D, and manufacturing of various fruit and vegetable processing machinery. All-round commitment to plant planning and design, equipment modeling, production process guidance, installation and commissioning, personnel training, after-sales service and other one-stop service. We sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to visit and negotiate, we are willing to go hand in hand with you to create brilliant!

Our the vegetable clenaing line can process many kind of vegetable and fruit.The washing line is great helper for vegetable process factory. Saving your investment.Any problem contact email wendy@machinehall.com or you can leave message on our website freely. We will feedback as soon as possible within 24hours.

furit vegetable washing machine line forcommercial factory
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