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Automatic Date Pitting Machine to UAE United Arab Emirates

Our the automatic date pitting machine will UAE United Arab Emirates.our the customer want to removal the date palm kernel and cut date one side. We have add the knife with the machine. then can make the function like this,remvoal date seed and cut date one side at same time.If you need the whole date withour kernel, we also can provide you for you. Any way, we can make machine according your customer detail demands.

The automatic date seed pitting machine is special designed for removing the seeds of date palm,.The date pitting machine have successfully solved the problem of date palm's pitting difficulties and saving large labor. It is great helper for date process business.Any problem you can email me freely or leave message on our website. We will sent you machine quotation as soon as possible.

This is our date pitting machine woking video on Youtube:

autoamtic date palm pitting machine to UAE

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