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Automatic Dates Washing Processing Line Manufacturer

We are automatic dates washing processing machienry manufacturer in china.Our frut vegetable washing line have  has been widely used in the food processing industry to solve the problems of vegetables, fruits, seafood and other problems. It can help save time and manpower.We need put fruit vegetable into the water and stir thoroughly with a strong blower to remove dust and foreign objects. The water pressure sprayer can be installed to flush the product.washing machine with unique design, completely eliminate human interference, provide comprehensive speed control control.

For the daets processing machinery, we also have dates cutting machine,dates paste machine,dates packing machine and others.If you have any problem you can contact me freely or leave message on our website.
automatic dates washing processing machinery cost

What we service for our customers:
Pre sale service:
A good consultant and assistant to serve as a customer; make them rich and competitive
From their investment returns.
1) select the appropriate type of equipment.
2) design and manufacture the products according to the special requirements of the customers.
3) training technical personnel for customers.
4) professional advice to customers
Service during the sales period:
Respect the customer's commitment to improve the overall value of the customer.
1) photographing (including raw materials, semi-finished products, final products and loading products)
1) pre inspection and acceptance of the product before delivery.
2) prepare all the customs clearance documents so that the customers can pass through the customs smoothly.
After-sale service:
Provide considerate service to minimize the worries of the customers.
1) the civil engineering drawings provided by the equipment.
2) free training (including installation, maintenance) for every customer.
3) install and debug equipment to ensure that the dryer runs smoothly.
4) check the equipment regularly.
5) take the initiative to quickly remove the fault at the site.
6) the warranty parts are delivered to the door.
7) provide technical exchange and support.
8) to provide maintenance for large pieces.
9) provide customers with fast parts at the most favorable price.

dates washing processing line manufacturer
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