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automatic pomegranate juice extratcor machine with low price

Pomegranate juice extractor machine is usually made by our single screw press.there are some fruits and vegetables have high sugar content,such as grapes, seabuckthorn fruit, pomegranate seed and oranges. And some plant have much fiber such as Chinese medicine residue, bagasse pulp and coarse .The single screw press with forced feed plate should be used in these plants. Here, the design of forced feed plate, hydraulic pressure and the design of pressing cavity need to be designed according to the different materials, and the improper design will cause the drying bucket cracking. The single screw press has the advantages, the dry and wet degree can be controlled, the material is unified and convenient, and the output users are satisfied.
our company's single screw press machine can process professional pomegranate juice high quality and high extraction rate . I'll talk about the reason for choosing a single screw press.
Because the pomegranate seeds contain a lot of sugar, which does not slip a material with a double helix tandem press the opportunity, and our company specializing in the production of pomegranate seed squeezing machine based on single screw, plus a forced feed version, through a similar type of plum feeding and conveying spiral rotating version with the slimy pomegranate seed feed back into the crushing layer extrusion, in front of the door under the counter pressure forced hydraulic cylinder forming press is dry, but dry column reaches the desired dryness, open the hydraulic door, will form a continuous press dry discharge.
This kind of squeezer is not only suitable for the crushing of pomegranate seed, but also has satisfactory results for grapes, apples, litchi and so on.We also have pomegranate peeling machine for your choice.If you have any problem you can contact me freely or leave message on our website freely. We will feedback as soon as possible.

pomegranate juice extraction machine cost
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