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Daily Processing Output Range of Diced Tomato Canned Production Line

Boiled tomatoes can be stored in cans, which can obtain the same nutrition as fresh tomatoes for a long time. Canned diced tomatoes have no extra over-processing, and no extra additives that bring metabolic burden. Through high-temperature sterilization and aseptic sealing of metal cans, canned diced tomatoes can be stored for two to three years without spoilage and taste. In short, it is a tomato sealed by time. Let's take a look at the daily processing output range of the diced tomato canned production line.

Canned Tomato Production Line

Ripe tomatoes are bright red in color, sweet and sour, and are most suitable for canning diced tomatoes.
1. Pass the tomato through the hoist and lift it into the tomato bubble cleaning machine, and the bubbling cleaning will forcefully wash away the dust on the surface of the tomato;
2. The cleaned tomatoes enter the blanching machine, blanched with hot water, and then enter the washing machine filled with cold water, which is beneficial to remove the tomato skin;
3. Tomatoes come to the manual picking table, remove the skin of the tomatoes, and pick out the unqualified parts; the dicing machine processes the tomato paste into uniform diced tomatoes with preset specifications;
4. After crushing and beating by crusher and beater, the sweet and sour tomato diced is processed;
5. Diced tomatoes enter the sterilization process through the buffer tank, and then complete the filling of diced tomatoes in a sterile environment through the steps of unscrambling, washing, filling, coding, and unscrambling.
6. Sterilize the canned tomato again subsequently, and the whole processing process of the canned tomato has just been completed.
diced tomato paste processing factory

Daily Processing Output Range of Diced Tomato Canned Production Line

According to the advanced technological process of canned tomato, our company has designed and developed a complete set of processing solutions. The daily processing output range of the diced tomato canned production line in the plan is 100kg-1000kg/h.
The solution for processing diced tomatoes designed by our company, the tomato processing equipment (parts in contact with tomatoes) are all made of stainless steel, with high work efficiency and significantly increased output. The equipment is easy to clean, clean and hygienic. Diced tomatoes are processed in an airtight environment, retaining the original flavor and comprehensive nutrition.
This tomato paste production line has a wide range of applications, and some equipment can be adjusted to meet the needs of cross-season compound production of various canned fruits and vegetables.
If you want to invest in a diced tomato canned production line, please call us for an exclusive processing solution.
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