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The difference between High temperature milk and pasteurized milk

High temperature milk and pasteurized milk difference;
Pasteurized milk by Sterilization Milk Production Line with 72 ℃ ~ 76 ℃ for 15 seconds low-temperature sterilization, in order to ensure the nutritional content of milk will not be lost, but the pasteurization can not kill the spores, so use cold chain refrigerated sales, in order to avoid some spores resume growth and reproduction , May produce toxic substances, thereby increasing the risk of consumer food poisoning. High-temperature sterilization of milk, sterilization temperature of 135 ℃ or even higher, high quality safety factor, but the taste and nutritional preservation as pasteurized milk.
The difference between the two is that microbiological indicators of high-temperature sterilized milk is very clear, to achieve commercial sterility. The Pap's microbial indicator is to allow the existence of some bacteria, but pathogens can not be detected. Colony less than equal to the total of 30,000, coliforms less than equal to 90. As the domestic raw milk in the actual process of pollution is relatively high, enterprises generally take high-intensity sterilization.

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