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Bubble Type Fruit Vegetable Washing Machine

 Bubble type fruit vegetable washing cleaning machine principle is to use the front part of the cabinet equipment box in the injection of water, raw materials in the box, with the bubble machine and water under the combined effect of rolling state, and with the network with continuous forward , In the water, the high-end with a spray head, high pressure washing.
1, water, electricity, time-saving, clean and sanitary.
2, no damage to vegetables, high efficiency, small footprint, safe and reliable.
3, the installation is simple, easy to operate, easy maintenance, low energy consumption.

Bubble shock wave principle can rinse the surface of vegetables and fruits, improve the efficiency of more than 50%, effective to kill harmful bacteria, the decomposition of residual pesticides; machine with cutting board, the washing and effective separation of washed sediment Saving, saving manpower; easy to operate, save time and effort, low energy consumption, health, safety, high efficiency. This product can be used for cleaning water.

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