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Drum Type Flavoring Machine shipped to Tobago

This is our drum type snack food flavoring machine shipped to Tobago. The flavoring machine is made of high quality stainless steel. It is widely used as a whole fried food production lines, such as potato chips, onion slices and so on.Any kind of food can be. Mixing raw materials and flavors evenly in a short period of time.
Snack food flavoring machine
1. Fried food seasoning machine easy to operate, to avoid food damage.
2. Fuel injection can be adjusted by automatic oil discharge.
3. It is designed to avoid the shortcomings of the ball machine.
Effectively rotating the raw material.
4. Automatic tilting output material.
5. With stable operation, low noise, compact structure and so on.

drum type snack food flavoring machine shipped to tobato
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