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Cocoa Bean Powder Grinding Machine with Best Price

 Cocoa beans powder grinder machine suitable for small-scale production users.And also can be used in the cocoa bean processing plant. The cocoa bean grinding machine can be widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, food, feed, chemicals, agriculture, research institutes, universities and other industries, as well as pharmacies, pharmacies, clinics and other users.
Features Description of  Cocoa Powder machine:
 1, low energy consumption: The use of innovative crushing mechanism, compared with the multi-roller mill, the same energy consumption increased by more than 30%.
2, high fineness: equipped with high-precision self-shunt grading system, finished fineness, product size distribution adjustable, large particles control strictly.
3, a wide range of applications.
4, low wear and tear: smash some wearing parts wear new composite materials, long service life.
5, system control: the use of intelligent control, easy operation, stable operation.
6, environmental protection: Host shock absorption and noise reduction design, effectively reduce the vibration and noise equipment; system uses negative pressure production, the production site without dust pollution.

cocoa bean powder grinding machine
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