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How To Easily Get The Delicious Potato Chips

Our potato chips processing line can meet your badly need for making potato chips in a large number with pretty quality and favorite price . Potato processing line includes potato washing and peeling machine,cutting machine,de-water machine,frying machine and so on.

1.Peeler: cleaning and peeling process at one time,  high efficient and low consumption.
2. Cutter: cut into strip,flake and julienne shape, adjustable cutting size
3. Blancher: do rinsing and color protection of the cut potato chips.
4. Dehydrator: centrifugal dehydration, reduce the time when drying, and improve the taste of the potato chip.
5. Fryer: keeps the potato chips quality and taste.
6. Deoiler: use the centrifugal, overcome the shortcoming of botheration.
7. Flavor Machine: make the potato chips turning even, use the spray type to add the seasoning, not easy to break.
8. Vacuum package machine:when packing, put into nitrogen, can avoid break of the potato chips. And it can aeration, package, and type the date at one time.

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