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What Is Fresh-Cut Processing ?

Fresh-cut vegetables are the norm for fashionistas. Fresh-cut vegetables are lightly processed. Such as peeled and shredded potatoes, shredded cabbage and lettuce, mixed salads, washed and cut spinach, fruit carrots, cut broccoli, cauliflower, shredded onions, etc.
Controlling the fresh-cut reaction is the key to the quality of fresh-cut vegetables. Fresh-cut vegetables need to provide a cold chain throughout the process to reduce the respiration rate of vegetables. Secondly, the quality of fresh-cut vegetables can be assisted by controlling parameters such as the type, maturity, and cutting size of fresh-cut vegetables. About 40 years ago, pure vegetables came out, and high-quality pure vegetables have become the mainstream of vegetable consumption in developed countries. Today, let us understand what is fresh-cut vegetables, the shelf life of fresh-cut vegetables and how to process fresh-cut vegetables.
What Is Fresh-Cut Processing?

1. What Are Fresh-Cut Products?

Fresh-cut vegetables, also known as clean vegetables, are made of pollution-free vegetables as raw materials. They are processed, stored, transported and sold in a suitable low-temperature environment with a certain shelf life, high-quality, hygienic and convenient fresh vegetables. The edible ratio is extremely high (>90%), can be directly cooked.

2 How Long Does Cut Produce Last?

These fresh-cut vegetables usually have a shelf life of 10-14 days, and these products account for more than 70% of the fresh-cut vegetables market in European and American supermarkets.

3. What Are The Methods Of Processing Vegetables?

Vegetables whose color, aroma, taste and organizational structure characteristics meet the requirements of fresh food and reach commercial maturity are harvested, and the unqualified products that are moldy, insect-eaten, underripe, overripe, deformed, and discolored are manually removed according to relevant quality standards. Further remove impurities, dirt and parts that cannot be processed and utilized. Then it is gradually graded according to weight, size and shape index, so that products of the same level have relatively consistent quality. Strengthen the commodity concept of vegetables; process in a low temperature environment throughout the whole process, remove impurities, soil, and dirt attached to vegetables through cleaning equipment, and reduce the number of bacteria; trim and remove non-edible parts of vegetables through cutting equipment, so that the edible part reaches More than 90%; use high gas permeability film to package clean vegetables to prevent secondary contamination of microorganisms and product water loss, produce a modified atmosphere effect, facilitate product storage, transportation and sales, and combine with low temperature to create a micro-environment suitable for clean vegetables preservation.
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