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Application Market Of Fruit Grading Equipment

As we all know, fruits and vegetables are good natural health products, so many people list fruits and vegetables as daily essential foods. In fact, after the agricultural products are picked, in order to maintain and improve the quality of the products and convert them from agricultural products to commodities, a series of measures will be taken, including sorting and selection, pre-cooling, cleaning, waxing, grading, packaging, etc.
Fruit grading is not a simple matter. It is generally an index system composed of multiple indicators to classify fruits, such as size, weight, moisture, sweetness, appearance, freshness, fruit stem length, firmness, color and quality. Wait. So, do you know the application market of fruit grading equipment?
grading machine for fruit application

Application Market Of Fruit Grading Equipment:

1. Fruit farmers

Every fruit grower hopes that the fruit can be sold at a good price. However, since all kinds of fruits are grown in many regions, the same fruits and the same market, how to improve the competitiveness of the products is a problem worth considering, especially when the festival fruits get together on the market, the competitiveness is high, and the overall price is not high. So, how to increase the value-added space of fruit and stabilize the income of fruit farmers? The answer is to grade the fruit through the fruit grading equipment to increase the added value of the product.

2. Fruit export company

Fruit export companies should carry out grading treatment of fruits that mainly earn foreign exchange through export, and introduce grading equipment and technology in order to better export foreign exchange.

3. Fruit Wholesale Market

The finer the division, the bigger the market. With the segmentation of market consumer groups and the selection and classification of fruits, there is more room for price improvement. Accelerate the promotion of standardized grading in the fruit wholesale market, and continuously subdivide fruit products to meet different consumer needs. The more obvious the fruit sales grading, the more room for price improvement.

4. Fruit and vegetable processing plants

With the rise of the fresh-cut fruit market, the fine processing of fruits and vegetables has increased the segment. After grading, the fruits with good appearance and quality can be processed into fresh-cut fruits, and the fruits with ordinary appearance can be processed into juice, jam, dried fruit, etc., so as to improve the comprehensive income of fruit processing.
The fruit grading machine developed and produced by our company can complete the automatic grading and sorting of fruits, with high efficiency, saving labor costs, and supporting customization to adapt to different application markets. If you plan to invest in fruit grading business, our company can help you.
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