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Fresh Vegetable Cutting Processing Equipment

Vegetable processing equipment consists of sorting, cleaning, transportation, cutting and packaging. The processed vegetables after washing and cutting can be fired or eaten directly, eliminating a lot of processes for the distribution of vegetables to provide a convenient.
The section of vegetable process equipment:
Workstation Selection Workbench: Complete the initial selection and segmentation of the product
Vegetable washing Cleaning machine
: the product of the initial cleaning, cyclone cleaning or bubble ozone cleaning, cleaning fruits and vegetables inside and surface impurities
Vegetable cutting machine:Cut vegetables, shredded, diced machine: the vegetables for cutting, cutting, shredding, dicing
 Product application areas: Vegetable distribution center, vegetable processing enterprises, vegetable processing enterprises, universities, military and enterprise logistics, government departments
fruit vgeetable processing machine|vegeable cutting machine|vegetable washing machineIn addition to stand-alone equipment, we also provide a complete production line and processing technology, including leafy vegetable production line, potato production line, onion production line, sprouts processing production lines, edible fungus processing production lines.
We have a global sales network to provide reliable services, the use of the world's most accurate mode of operation and the implementation of excellence, with world-class processing equipment and technology, has many years experience in vegetable processing and mechanical design experience of R & D personnel to explore the vegetable processing Every detail, every step of the improvement of vegetables and machinery processing to help vegetable processing enterprises around the world to improve work efficiency, improve work processes and create more profits.
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