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Multifunction Vegetable Cutting Machine Features

The multi-function vegtable cutting machine uses the rotary cutter to cut all kinds of vegetables into different shapes such as slices, filaments, small segments and so on. It has the advantages of good cut surface quality, small error in the length of cut vegetables, uniform slice thickness, fresh cut tissue, Destruction of the characteristics of fibrous tissue, while the machine cutting efficiency, ease of operation, low energy consumption, health, safety and efficiency.

1, The main structure: This machine has a rack, press part, lose food part, cut part, transmission part, digital control circuit part and other structural components.

multifunction vegetable cutting machine2, The main parts of the machine such as food stent, press part, shell chassis, shell hoard, frame guard are made of stainless steel material, and the conveyor belts and pressing vegetables are made of non-toxic rubber material, A long-term work to ensure that the stainless steel, not corrosion, non-toxic. Harmless and other characteristics, in line with food processing machinery health standards

3, The working principle: the machine work, is to be cut vegetables to be placed in the food dish, the vegetables transported to the feed mouth, high-speed operation of the cutter to cut into pieces or sheet.

4,Transmission principle: The transmission system uses a belt drive, gear drive, sprocket drive and other forms, by adjusting the number on the digital control panel to change the speed of the transmission system to achieve the length of the adjustment of vegetables, cut A satisfactory length of the size of the vegetables
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