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Fruit Vegetable Washing Line

Fruit vegewtable washing line  is mainly used for cleaning vegetables, aquatic products, jujube, date palm, and also can be used for carrots, apples, potatoes, potatoes and other fruit and vegetables.More adapted to the growth of fruits and vegetables in the soil. The fruit vegetable washing line have high washed rate. What is more, the fruit vegetable cleaning line also can maintain the original color.
 fruit vegetable washing line with best priceFruit vegetable washing line is an important aquatic products for jujube, vegetables, mainly for jujube, vegetables, aquatic cleaning. Fruit vegetable cleaning line principle is that using the front part of the cabinet equipment box in the amount of water injection, through the heating pipe to heat the water temperature, the raw materials in the box, with the bubble machine and water under the combined effect of doing roll state, and With the network with the continuous advance in the water, the high-end with a spray head, high pressure washing.

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