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Choose Best Fruit Washing Machine Factory

For the fruit process business, we need to choose the best sutable fruit washing machine.Our the fruit washing machine is with high quality and saving water. this is some reasons  why choose our fruit vegetable washing machine.

Multi-application automatic comemrcial fruit vegetable washing machine for sale

1) Strong waterfall washing of vortex flow shower design

2) Air bubble is adjustable, it is available for different vegetables or fruits washing request. 

2) More washing efficiency with bubble adjustable.

3) More capacity comparing with the normal washer.

Fresh water saving

1) Washing water after filter to recycled using again.

2) Automatic level control for recycling easily and safely

More cleaning efficiency

1) In exit, a extra shower to make spray washing again

2) Fresh water washing is helpful to clean

3) For multi washing line, using the water from front

washer to save fresh water 

Removing impurity easily

1) Special  baffle design to take the floating impurities out  off the washing area.

2) Further cleaning efficiency is getting

3) Washing operation becomes easily

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