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Garlic Peeling Machine Design Principle

The invention and use of the garlic peeling machine not only improved the efficiency of agriculture, but also facilitated farmers. So, how about design of garlic peeling machine? What is garlic peeling machine principle? Let's take a look!
Garlic Peeling Machine Design Principle

Design of garlic peeling machine:

Garlic peeling machine is composed of drying heating box and peeling working barrel. This product is powered by compressed air, which produces a powerful swirling air flow to force the natural peeling of garlic. The process is automatically controlled by electricity and gas to complete the drying, guiding, peeling and discharging of garlic. Greatly reduce labor costs.

Garlic peeling machine principle:

Using compressed air as a power source, the dried garlic skin is blown away from the garlic kernels by a powerful swirling airflow. The whole working process adopts the design of no water soaking, no cutting, no abrasion, dry peeling through airflow, which greatly guarantees the integrity of garlic kernels and is suitable for long-term storage.

Garlic peeling machine operation:

1. Garlic peeling machine is installed in a place with stable foundation. Before use, detailed inspection should be carried out to eliminate loose screws in the fastening parts of the machine during transportation. Check whether the electrical appliance and power cord are damaged or not. Handle the situation in time and use the power supply correctly.
2. Connect the skin outlet tube to the skin outlet of the peeling barrel.
3. Adjust the amount of garlic.
4. Turn on the air compressor to confirm that the motor is in reverse rotation and the pressure expression is 8 kg. After checking that the air compressor air valve outlet is opened, the airflow enters the garlic peeling machine.
5. Set peeling control panel

Precautions of garlic peeling machine:

1. The garlic peeler machine should be placed in a stable place, the machine with wheels needs to lock the casters.
2. Make sure that there is no foreign material stuck in the material inlet of the garlic peeler machine, please connect the power supply and the ground wire according to the power instructions on the label.
3. When the garlic peeling machine is in operation, please do not reach into the machine.
4. After the garlic peeler is used, please be sure to cut off the power to dismantle and wash the machine.
5. The circuit part cannot be cleaned, please pay attention to sharp parts such as knives when removing and washing.
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