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Can garlic prevent Covid-19?

New coronavirus infections are becoming more and more serious. More and more countries and populations are affected. The data below is as of 10:00 on April 14, 2020. Data comes from Wikipedia, and cases are constantly updated from resources around the world. Daily situation reports are also available on the World Health Organization site.
coronavirus map world
Cases per 1M people
Worldwide 1,919,913 246.91 449,589 119,666
United States 586,057 1,778.32 43,637 23,604
Spain 170,099 3,611.41 64,727 17,756
Italy 159,516 2,647.86 35,435 20,465
Germany 130,072 1,564.32 57,259 3,194
France 98,076 1,462.16 27,718 14,967
United Kingdom 88,621 1,333.94 11,329
China 82,249 58.66 77,738 3,341
Iran 73,303 879.66 45,983 4,585
Turkey 61,049 734.16 3,957 1,296
Belgium 30,589 2,654.27 6,707 3,903
Netherlands 26,551 1,521.46 2,823
Switzerland 25,688 2,991.66 13,700 1,138
Canada 25,680 676.16 7,758 780
Brazil 23,753 112.39 1,355
Russia 18,328 124.9 1,470 148

In the face of increasingly serious infections with new coronaviruses, people began to look for various ways to prevent and treat them. One of the claims is that eating garlic can protect people from new coronavirus infections. Can eating garlic really prevent new coronavirus infections?
Although everyone is scrambling to buy garlic, Experts say eating garlic does not prevent COVID-19.
Garlic is a healthy food and may have some antibacterial properties. However, from the current epidemic situation, there is no evidence that garlic consumption can protect people from new coronavirus infections.
There is no way to prevent garlic infection by eating garlic. Because garlic is a kind of food, there is some allicin in garlic. Allicin has a good effect on the prevention and treatment of certain bacterial infections, but the new coronavirus pneumonia is a viral infection, and this viral infection is still a kind of New virus infection. Eating garlic has no effect on the prevention and treatment of new coronavirus infections. Garlic as a food, if you usually have the habit of eating garlic, it is also possible to eat some during home isolation or prevention, no problem.
Garlic does not prevent coronavirus infection. At present, there is no effective medicine or food that can prevent the infection of new coronavirus. There is no vaccine that can prevent the infection of new coronavirus. If we want to prevent the infection of new coronavirus, we can only prevent it by means of coronavirus infection.

How to protect us from COVID-19?
The COVID-19 mainly causes infection through respiratory droplets, direct contact, and aerosols. Therefore, during the outbreak, we should  follow some rules:
Wash hands frequently: wash regularly with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer for 20 seconds
Spraying alcohol or disinfectant: Avoid touching objects in public places with your hands. If you touch it, spray it with alcohol or disinfectant you carry with you or wash your hands with hand sanitizer in time.
Cover your body with a tissue: When coughing or sneezing, cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue or a curved elbow
Keep distance: Try to avoid going to crowded places and avoid face-to-face communication. Avoid close contact with people who are unwell (1 meter or 3 feet). If you need to communicate face-to-face with people, you should try to keep a distance of more than one meter, and wear a mask.
Do Not:
If your hands are not clean, please touch your eyes, nose or mouth.
Avoid going to a confined space. If you need to go upstairs, try to avoid taking an elevator instead of climbing stairs.

Please protect yourself and take care of yourself and your family.
coronavirus tips

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