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Garlic Trimmer Machine

A garlic trimmer machine for removal of roots and stem of the harvested garlic plant or other like-shaped harvested crops, comprises a root trimmer and a stem trimmer mounted within a machine frame under a tabletop. The garlic plant is manuall y fed to the root trimmer, root end down, through a protective guard. The garl ic bulb is stopped at the guard. Roots entering through a hole in the guard are removed by a high-speed, rotating blade. A discharge device below the rotati ng blade discharges the roots and debris through a duct to a collecting system. The stem trimmer is mounted beside the root trimmer under a specially shaped protective slot in the tabletop. Garlic bulbs with stems are horizontally fe d, continuously, into the slot where they slide down through a guiding device a nd get cut by a cutting device. Subsequently, clean garlic bulbs and stems are separately collected.
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