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How to Make Sauce With Chilli Pepper Paste Machine

How to Make Sauce With Chilli Pepper Paste Machine ?The sause produced can be used as the flavour of instant noodles, seasoning or eaten together with pancake, steamed bread, bread, etc. Meanwhile, it has certain nutrition and health care efficacy. We can take chilli pepper adding with  mushrooms and garlic as the main raw material.
1. Raw materials. Mushroom: use fresh mushrooms and clean them with water. Heat the salt water of 2% to 95°C. Add mushrooms in the salt water and cook for 3 minutes, then put them aside. Garlic: peel the fresh garlic and clean with water. Put 75% of garlic into the water of 95°C and cook for 3 minutes. Ginger: wash the ginger with water after peeling.
2. Grinding: put all the mushrooms, garlic, fresh ginger into the grinder according to the formula and grinding evenly into pulp.
3. Blending: first mix the white granulated sugar with honey and add into the pulp. Add the salt dissolved in advance and pigment.
4. Homogenizing: put the mixture into peanut butter machine with particle size of 10-30um.
sauce making machine with chilli pepper paste machine
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